Friday, March 2, 2007

Medical Exam and More Pictures

We are all doing well. Grace had her medical exam today,Saturday. Grace is in great health. She weighs 19.5 lbs and is just over 29 inches long. She finally broke that tooth through. She is still drooling a ton. It's hard to believe it has been 7 days since we became Grace's Mama and Baba. It seems hard to remember what are lives were like before we got this sweet angel. We love watching her explore all the new things in her world. She is starting to try and stand up. She goes from lying down to sitting her self up. She scooches around and I am sure she will be crawling any day now. And before we know it she will be running. Fisther Price and the White Swan have set up a whole kids play area here. So we took Grace down there to play one day. She really liked it. We went to the zoo yesterday and the Chen Clan Temple the day before. The Chen Clan Temple was amazing, the arcitecture is incredible. They also have a whole room of Irovy carvings. It is so beautiful. Here are some more pictures. We will try to post again soon.

Gen, Jeff and Grace

Grace Playing at the Swan Room
Out Shopping
Chen Clan Temple

Ivory piece at Chen Clan Temple

Hanging with Dad at the Zoo

Sleeping at the Zoo

Just being cute!!
Medical Exam


Lee-Anne said...

WOW! I think you have a gymnast on your hands!!!

Scott & Kim said...

What a cutie!! Grace looks so happy and both of you do too! Thanks for your update, it is great!
Kim, Scott, Jenna & Jadyn

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the updates. I am so in love with my new granddaughter already and so thrilled for all three of you. You do make a beautiful family. I can't wait till I can see and hold Grace. Love to all of you.

Grandma Eloise

Anonymous said...

These pictures of Grace are just amazing! She loves her mama and baba and the camera loves her! Who is the photographer in the family? The pictures are incredible! Thanks for sharing your journey and I can't wait to meet her in person...

Hayley loves looking at the pictures posted and Lindsey keeps saying "baby?" over and over.

Kathy, Keith ,Hayley and Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Gen! Stop teasing us with pictures and bring her here so that we can 'kiss her face off' too!!! :) Can't wait to see her in person...she is adorable and soooooo happy!!


Leah's Mom said...

Wow,,, So jealous Gen!!!! Can't wait til it's our turn!!! She is just too cute for words....

Selina & Dan King
LID 12/19/05

Anonymous said...

What an angel!!! Her name ,Grace is perfect for her.
I am so excited for you ...Enjoy this wonderful time with her.

When you get home can you email me?

You have it..I lost yours and I want your mailing address

Vicki (from scrapbooking)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like everything is going easy.. all that paperwork and time was well spent!!

Can't wait till Saturday! The girls are soooo sooo soo excited!

See you soon.
Stephanie & girls

Anonymous said...

Gen and Jeff..
I am so happy for you guys...she is a total cutie. Can't wait to see her. Bring her home soon. Herschel& Linda

Anonymous said...

Gen and Jeff...What a cutie! can't wait to see her. Give her a big kiss for us. Herschel & Linda

Anonymous said...

Jeff & Gen,

Grace is such a darling! I keep checking for more pictures. We all can't wait to meet her. When you get back we will have a playtime meeting with Sabrina! Have fun and stay safe. We MISS you...:-)

Bonnie and The Girls

Elise said...

Thanks for writing this.