Thursday, March 8, 2007

Almost Time to Leave

We have been very busy. All 3 of us had to go to the Doctor. Jeff and I had ear infections in both ears and throat infections and Grace had a slight ear infection in one ear. We are all feeling much better now. We have been doing lots of shopping and have figured out how to barter very well. We have been spending lots of time with our new friends the Bakers and the Vansells. Grace is totally crawling everywhere. She is definitely keeping us busy. She has been sleeping really good. And actually slept through the night on Tuesday(from 9:30pm to 7:30am-Mom kept waking up though just to check on her ) Tuesday we went to Biayun Mountain, it was so cold there!! It was beautiful though. We actually took a enclosed cablecar up the mountain(similar to a gondala). The view was spectacular. It was a little smoggy but still a good view of Guangzhou. They still had up decorations from New Years-so those were neat to see. Up on this mountain they also have the largest bird cage. It is this huge enclosed area, all covered by this netting on top. They also have a tamed bird show which was pretty cool. After that we had a noodle lunch a the resturant at the bottom of the hill. Yesterday we took the group picture and the picture of the girls on the famous White Swan Red Couch(very popular with Chinese adoption groups). It was hysterical. All the girls start out happy and then they all start crying. As anyone who has ever tried to take a picture of any kid knows you have a limited amount of time to get the shot. Try that with 10 plus kids and what a mess :0) We also got to watch the video of our Gotcha Day and a power point with pictures of all the kids and their new families. It was really special. I can't wait to share it everyone. I went our shopping with all the other mothers today-Thursday, for extra suitcases. It was the first time we have been away from our babies for any length of time. We had a great time. We wheeled and dealed and got some great deals. Julie and Michelle did a great job getting us a good deal on our suitcases 120 yuan for a big suitcase- which is about 16 US dollars. The starting price was 380 yuan about 50 US dollars. Way to go girls! We had our farewell dinner tonight and then went out for Banana Splits at Lucy's.
We have had such an amazing time here in China. And we have met some great people. We have definitely made some wonderful memories. I can't wait to bring Grace back to China when she is older. It is so beautiful here and such a rich history. This will be our last post from China. We have loved reading all the wonderful comments everyone has left and we hope you have enjoyed following our journey. Stay tuned, I will try and update it soon after we get home and get settled.
Love Gen, Jeff and Grace

Gen,Grace,Michelle,Emma,Jaree and Isabella

Grace with Beijing Bear

Grace and Emma

I know how to rasberry!

Red Couch Photos

Grace, Isabella and Emma on the red couch

The Whole Group
Can you believe my mom made me wear this hat!
Farewell From China- See you all real soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, Gen & Grace

It has been so wonderful to be able to share a small portion of the Journey2Grace with you. I am so anxious to come and see my new granddaughter with her parents as the new Henry family. I have been 'sharing' all the photos with my co-workers - and they think it is absolutely awesome also.

Please be sure and let me know when it would be a good time to come and see you guys. I may be moving out of the house by the end of the month so don't know where I will be living.

Grandma Eloise

Stephanie said...

Finally... I have been leaving you voicemails all week.. and glad that your trip is almost over!
I'm so excited that she is everything you dreamed of! and can't wait to "hear" some more of your baby talk.


Anonymous said...

What an incredible journey you have gone to get that most amazing little Grace. Can't wait for you all to return to Phoenix. I also can't wait to squeeze those cheeks...on Grace, that is. We miss you guys and are so thankful that you have been able to keep us updated while you are away.
Lots of love, Jenn

Lee-Anne said...

Have a safe uneventful trip home! Thanks so much for sharing your journey!

Shawn Pugh said...

Oh you so made me cry. I am so excited for you all! She is beautiful! and I can not wait to meet her. Thanks so much for sharing!



Anonymous said...

Oh you so made me cry! She is just beautiful! I can not wait to meet her! I am so happy for you all! God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Grace is such a sweetheart!!!

Kathy, Keith and the girls

Anonymous said...

Grace is so beautiful!!! Congratulations, I can't wait to kiss those cheeks. Hope to see the three of you very soon.

Love from the Quinn Family,
Misty, Dennis, Madalynn, and Taylor.

Leah's Mom said...

Hi Guys,

It has been wonderful, keeping tabs on you while you were gone.. You must still be on cloud nine!!!
Selina King

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,

Thank you for letting us take part in your journey in becoming a Forever Family. Your mom and dad are wonderful people and love you very much! Welcome to America pretty girl!!

Kathy, Hayley and Lindsey

Leah's Mom said...

Hey Gen,,
Itching to see new pics when you get a chance....Selina King