Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year

Hard to believe we are about to celebrate another new year and we still don't have our sweet baby. When we started this process we thought we would have Grace home by May 2006. The wait times slowly started to grow right after we had our paperwork log in by the CCAA-China Center for Adoption Affairs . When we started the wait between log in date (LID) to referral was 7 months; now the wait from LID to referral is up to 15 months. So it has more than doubled :0( We hope to receive our referral any time. But with each day that passes it pushes our travel to China out even further. We were hoping to get to China before Chinese New Year,February 18th marks the 1st day of Chinese New Year-the Year of the Pig. If we don't get to China before CNY it will be closer to March when we go. The end of March marks 2 years since we started the adoption process. But enough of that.
The coming new year also brings the exciting reality that we will finally bring our daughter home. We can't wait to share our referral news with everyone.